Exciting News: Jeff Rapkin to Speak at The 26th Annual Family Cafe in Orlando!

The 26th Annual Family Cafe

We are thrilled to announce that Jeff Rapkin will be speaking at The 26th Annual Family Cafe! The event, Florida’s premier disability conference, will take place in Orlando, featuring over 200 breakout sessions, numerous exhibitors, and three inspiring keynotes. This year, the event promises a rich agenda full of performances, activities, and engaging presentations.

Rapkin, an attorney with extensive experience and a parent of an adult daughter with autism, will be leading a session titled “Guardian Advocacy is Guardianship for Parents Like Us.” This session is scheduled for Saturday, June 15, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Bayhill 18.

Here’s more about this informative session from page 77 of the program:
Guardian Advocacy is Guardianship for Parents Like Us Date: Saturday, June 15
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Bayhill 18

Jeffrey Rapkin, an attorney who has been practicing since 1996 and a parent of an adult daughter with autism, will assist you in drafting your own Guardian Advocacy. A Guardian Advocate operates similarly to a traditional Guardian but is designed to be more accessible, eliminating the need for an attorney. This DIY approach was created to support parents of adult disabled children. Jeff will provide packets and tackle the challenges that arise when special-needs children turn 18, making Guardian Advocacy more understandable and manageable.

Rapkin shared his excitement about this opportunity:
“I am incredibly honored to be part of The 26th Annual Family Cafe. This event is a cornerstone for the disability community, and I’m looking forward to contributing and learning alongside so many dedicated professionals and advocates.”

The Family Cafe

About The 26th Annual Family Cafe
The Family Cafe is an essential event for individuals with disabilities and their families, offering valuable information, resources, and a supportive community. This year’s event will cover a wide range of topics across various breakout sessions, making it an unmissable opportunity for education and networking.

While online registration for the event has closed, there’s no need to worry! You can still register on-site. Simply visit the On-Site Registration area at the Registration Desk on the Convention Level when you arrive.

For the most recent updates, visit the Annual Family Cafe page.

Join Jeff at The Family Cafe
Jeff Rapkin’s session will be an excellent opportunity to gain new insights and connect with others in the disability community. Be sure to join Jeff for what promises to be an impactful presentation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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