Jeff Rapkin for Charlotte County Judge

Meet Jeff Rapkin for Charlotte County Court Judge

Have you, or someone you love, or someone you know, been treated unfairly in court? Do you believe in the fundamental principle of equal justice, fair treatment under the law, and equal access to courts? Do you believe that a Judge is supposed to follow the law, maintain the rule of law, abide by the Constitution, and have dignity, respect, and compassion for those appearing in court. If you believe in these principles, then Jeff Rapkin, Esq. is the much-needed type of elected official we need as your County Court Judge.

Attorney Jeff Rapkin is an organizational professional that believes in being servant oriented. He believes that judges and the court system must utilize collaboration, communication, and cooperation with the community, attorneys, litigants, and governmental agencies. Without the necessary collaboration, communication, and cooperation from the judicial system, our society may live in an era of distrust, unfair treatment, and abuse of processes. For the judicial system to function properly, judges must be aware of the community’s socio-cognitive backgrounds, socio-cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Jeff’s professional and personal experiences are unprecedented and second to none. He brings many years of experience as an attorney, law enforcement corrections officer, and schoolteacher to Charlotte County. He has been an attorney in Charlotte County since 1996 and has assisted, counseled, and helped thousands of people over three decades.

Professionally, Jeff has been a Corrections Officer working for the Sarasota Sheriff's Office, has been an Assistant Attorney General working for the Government in Children's Welfare Legal Services; has been a Public Defender, has been an adjunct professor for Manatee Community College, has taught middle school science, has been a certified mental health counselor and has taught Domestic Violence Prevention classes. He has worked for C.A.R.E. under a U.S. Department of Justice funded grant from the Office of Violence Against Women; has written a published book and has been an instructor for Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and, of course, has bagged groceries (as a very young man). He is the all-around, complete type of Judge we need in Charlotte County.

His experience includes, but is not limited to representing clients in elder law, estate planning, appeals, business matters, landlord/tenant cases, government matters, administrative law matters, condo and HOA cases, juvenile law, Guardianships and Guardian Advocacy, dependency cases, real estate cases, education, minor worker's compensation cases, public records and Sunshine Law cases, immigration, of course family and adoption cases, all kinds of both civil and criminal cases.

Personally, Jeff has been married to the love of his life since 1992 and has enjoyed raising three wonderful children. Jeff’s oldest daughter is autistic, and although difficult at times, he certainly understands the struggles our community members endure with special needs children who need equal treatment, justice, and a voice to be heard.

Please ask around - whether you, someone you love, or someone you know has had help from Jeff Rapkin: we support Jeff, and we ask for your support as well. We wish him the best of luck in this challenge and wish him the best of luck in his lifetime goal of representing the people of Charlotte County as your next County Court Judge.

  • Sarasota High School
  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  • Police Certification 1992
  • University of Western Michigan, Juris Doctorate 1996


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