Jeff Rapkin for Charlotte County Judge, Group 1

Championing the rights of families

To ensure that the most vulnerable people are helped

Jeff Rapkin for Charlotte County Judge
A Commitment to Your Voice and Your Concerns

I am honored to serve as a lawyer in our town for over 30 years and I am committed to making sure that the most vulnerable people are helped and that regular Charlotte County citizens have access to the help they need.

Fight Apathy Straightened Graphic

Most people say that the court system doesn't care, doesn't listen, and doesn't help.

If you or somebody you love has ever exited the courthouse and felt that no one cared, that no one listened, that the court system was apathetic, you are not alone. I hear you, I am with you, and I know how to fix it.

The court system has become apathetic to the needs of the citizens it is supposed to be helping. The court system is not here for us, and it should be—because we pay for it. The court system should not be only for the rich and powerful. 

Every day I fight apathy. I have a plan and know what to do. I’ve done everything possible on this side of the fence. If I am going to knock it down so that all of us have access to the court system, I need to be on the other side. What is important to me is that the most vulnerable people are helped.

Vote by mail during early voting 8/5 to 8/18 or on election day, Tuesday, August 20, 2024.

My Plan

Improving access to the court system for regular citizens

While there are cases where you need attorneys, there are certain filings we can do ourselves, but they have been made too complicated. I plan to make it possible for regular people like us to file cases, obtain guardianships, and guardian advocacy, and represent ourselves.

Streamlined Processes

I've developed streamlined processes for most things including guardianship, guardian advocacy, prenuptial agreements, traffic tickets, some criminal motions, uncontested divorce, and more.

Mission Driven

Under my plan, you will be able to go through the doors of the courthouse and know that you will be able to achieve your goals whether it's having a motion heard, an uncontested divorce, a name change, or anything else that should be do-able for regular people like us.

Advocating for Children, Families and People of Charlotte County

Inspired by My Daughter, I'm Advocating for Change on the Bench.

I am compelled to run for judge due to my journey as a parent to a special needs child, shedding light on the intricate challenges within our legal system. The often frustrating process of securing guardianship for parents of special needs children turning 18 has been a driving force for change.

Beyond my journey, I have actively served as an advocate and legal representative for other families grappling with the challenges of special needs children. This hands-on experience, advocating for families as their attorney, has fortified my determination to instigate positive change within the legal system.

Jeff and Family
Ginny and Jeff with their daughter Conner and Daisy the family's dog



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